A free, open source theme for Ghost

I developed, together with my student Alejandro Torres, a redesign of the theme of this blog using the ITCSS architecture.

After having been working on the complete redesign of the blog we thought that it is best to release it for the community and let any user study it and improve it.

You can find the source code on GitHub.

In a next post I will explain what ITCSS is and how we have structured the template.


Ares Designer is a theme for Ghost built from scratch which providing a set of interesting features that are aligned with minimalist design style.

This theme has been developed by Alejandro Torres and Carlos Caballero initially for the CarlosCaballero.io blog. If you want to contribute to improve this blog, do not hesitate to do PR and we will be happy to improve this project!


  • Totally write using HTML5 and CSS3.

You can see a demo in my own blog. Also you can check the ITCSS architecture to view how it looks.


  1. Clone the repo.


Configurable javascript identifiers.

disqus_shortname: Your Disqus unique identifier

Instead, you need to paste one into the Blog Header in the Code injection of your Ghost installation:

And the Blog Footer:

Development and Customization

You can configure your template by editing the settings.scss file and executing the stylesheet generation script: `` `npm run prod```.

Finally, compress the entire template directory and upload it using the Ghost control panel.

The content of settings.scss file is as follows:



  • A good 404 page error.

Are you using Ares Designer?

If you’re using Ares Designer on a live site, I’d love if you’d send me a message with the URL. I enjoy seeing the customization and implementations taking place all over the world. Regardless, thanks for using Ares Designer!

Originally published at www.carloscaballero.io on April 11, 2019.

Hi! My name is Carlos Caballero and I’m PhD. in Computer Science from Málaga, Spain. Teaching developers and degree/master computer science how to be experts!

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